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About us

Winning Business Consulting offers “One stop service, Total Solution”.

Comprehensive professional services, including Management Consulting, Establishment of WFOEs and Factories, Human Resources & Admin, Accounting & Reporting & Tax, Legal Consulting, Market Research, Trainings. 

Outsource all periphery functions to focus on your core business, replace the needs to hire your own internal support team in the most effective way.

Keep improving the services through innovation and development, create long-term value for our clients, based on our customer-oriented strategy. 
“People oriented”, we offer efficient and diversified services.

Why Choose Us

We prioritize seamless communication, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free exchange of ideas and strategies. Our commitment to security guarantees the confidentiality and protection of your business interests. We build trust through transparent practices and proven methodologies, fostering strong and enduring client relationships. Our focus on delivering tangible results ensures that your business achieves its objectives efficiently and effectively.





Our Experience

From helping you refine your supply chain management, enhancing human resource strategies, guiding you to choose the right corporate social responsibilities and also managing your public relationships, we provide all services to ensure the success of your business in China.

Management Consulting
Statistic & Analytic
Human Resources


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